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Top 5 Things Determining The Maximum Number Of Languages A Child Can Learn Concurrently

Exposing children to a second language from birth is not something new. In fact, most people are now raising multilingual kids.

Top 5 Things Determining A Bilingual Child's Language Preference

You can determine a bilingual child's language preference by considering some factors. Let's take a look!

Top 5 Resources Used in Teaching Children a Second Language

Language learning is a constant activity, meaning you need to do it daily. But what can you do to make this a reality?

When is the right time to raise a bilingual child?

Are you wondering about when it is the right time to raise a bilingual child? Are you finding it hard to choose if it's when they have mastered every English word or when they start to talk?

How A Bilingual Child Manages To Differentiate Languages

Learning two communication systems is not easy when two tongues feature opposite word
orders. But, note that every child is born with the capability of distinguishing and producing all
sounds relating to various languages.

Top 5 Reasons Why A Bilingual Child's Brain Is Different To That Of a Monolingual One

The number of children learning a second is increasing drastically. This doubled number of bilingual children compared to the past years has led to increased research in the science behind this skill.

Top 5 Strategies For Raising Successful Bilingual Children

Children need to grasp a second language before they graduate from high school. But the challenging issue most parents face is how they can nature successful bilingual children. Worry no more! Here are the crucial strategies on how to make this a reality.

Top 10 Reasons Your Child Should Be Bilingual

Are you amongst those parents wondering if their children should be bilingual? Worry no more! From this post, you'll get the top 10 reasons your kid should be bilingual. Let's get started!

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Read Bilingual Books

Bilingual books are known to be very beneficial for your child’s development. By reading bilingual books you are giving your child an educational, yet recreational activity that they will surely enjoy. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider giving your child some bilingual books for them to read...

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